Episode 81: Adam Greer

Brian and Tendo chop it up with Adam about racial tensions in America, the importance of creative outlets, legacy, and much more! Adam is the owner and founder of Contract Year and is based in Detroit, MI.

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Episode 78: Charon Norman-Widmer

Brian and Tendo chop it up with Charon about sex therapy, the future of relationships, learned behavior, her experience with home schooling and more! Charon is a narrator, anthropologist, yogini and sex therapist from metro Detroit.

The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health

Episode 76: Trent Chappell

Brian and Tendo are joined by Trent as they chop it up about cults, conspiracy theories, UFOs, genetic engineering, advancements in technology and more. Trent is a former high jumper for the GVSU Lakers and is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Episode 74: Jamie Coleman

Brian and Tendo chop it up with Jamie about racism, growing through quarantine, developing a relationship with yourself, and more! Jamie is an account manager in the tech industry and co-hosts the In The Midst Of podcast.