Episode 102: Ty Knoxx

Join Brian and Tendo as they chop it up with Will “Ty Knoxx” Ferguson about creativity, knowing your worth, the idea of value and more! Ty Knoxx is a producer/artist/engineer based in Los Angeles, CA and a co-founder of 420 Soul.

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Episode 89: JayPitts

Brian and Tendo chop it up with JayPitts about his growth as a content creator, repatriation to Africa, politics and more! JayPitts is an independent artist from Detroit. Check out his latest single “Windows” and his upcoming project “Highly Melanated” on December 14th.



Episode 52: Logan Widmer

Brian and Tendo chop it up with Logan Widmer about quantum physics, infinity, music and social media. Logan is an experimental solo artist from Detroit, also a part of Exotic Woo and Alex Daydream.



Fruity Fly – Logan Widmer

Cloud Burn – Exotic Woo

Episode 36: The Old Adage

Brian and Tendo chop it up with Mimi and Nino Chavez, the sibling pop duo from Detroit that make up The Old Adage. Check out the duo’s latest single “LAME” on all major streaming platforms.


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John Bollow – Expand Your Imagination Exponentially

Derek Thompson – Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction